Open Hanger – avantgarde hallway storage

Open Hanger

Hello refined hallway! Open hanger welcomes your helmets, hats, coats and other garments. Turn it vertically to save space or for the looks.

When developing the Open series designer Jenny Nordberg looked for manufacturers who were willing to work with pre-existing tools instead of making new ones for these particular objects. This approach was a deliberate strategy to contribute to a more open-source-like mindset within manufacturing where tools usually are locked to one client only. Working with pre-existing tools also means that external and predetermined factors become part of the design process and final expression, something Nordberg appreciates.

Manufactured in Sweden.

Design: Jenny Nordberg
Dimensions (mm): Height 150, width 790, depth 78
Material: Steel
Surface treatment: Powder coated
Colour: Height 135, width 150, depth 215
Bespoke: Any RAL colour

Made locally in Sweden.
Recycled steel.
Recirculation of powder in metal surface treatment.
Designed in one material to facilitate future recycling of parts.