Minus tio - Furniture for public and private spaces

Our design reflects our legacy

Sweden in the 80’s – Dark winters, cross county skiing, Sigurd Lewerentz, Alvar Aalto. Pine, rocky islands and concrete, Saab and Nintendo. This is often where we start our projects.

Minus tio - Furniture for public and private spaces

No magic without mania

Every minus tio design is based upon its own manic idea. A certain idea about how a leg could be attached to a seat or an exploration of how thin an upholstered chair could be.

Minus tio - Furniture for public and private spaces

We don’t give up on the details

We spend hundreds of hours refining the idea. We build a ridiculous number of prototypes. Our furniture have a long and happy life, so we think it’s worth the effort.

Minus tio - Furniture for public and private spaces

Fully recyclable materials

We work with wood, steel and leather because they are durable, recyclable and beautiful. And because they are the materials we have in our blood.

Minus tio - Furniture for public and private spaces

Craftmanship and high tech

The traditional knowledge of the hands of our carpenters is unbeatable. So is the the skill of the computer aided, robot like, mill that sculpture our stools. The combination is the future.

Minus tio - Furniture for public and private spaces

Keep manufacturers close

All our furniture is made in Sweden. By doing so we minimize transportation and maintain hundreds of years of knowledge about how to make furniture.

Our designers

Minus tio designer Ingrid Wingård

Ingrid Wingård

Architect and furniture designer, educated in Lund and Chalmers School of Architecture (Sweden). Ingrid is strong in conceptual aspects and has a great material sense. Her interest in old modernist furniture often contributes to the contemporary work of the studio.

Minus tio designer Olle Wingård

Olle Wingård

Professional cabinet maker with a masters degree in product development from Lund Institute of Technology (Sweden). Olle has special skills in structural and manufacturing issues and a unique talent in detailing. He is a previous design team member at Volvo.

Minus tio designer Mats Theselius

Mats Theselius

International star designer with an illustrious track record. Varied projects include the design of easy chairs for several royal houses of Europe as well as the White House and Kremlin. Mats is particularly noted for his groundbreaking experimental design. Read more about Mats at theselius.com.

Minus tio designer Andreas Roth

Andreas Roth

Educated at the famous Valand School of Fine Arts. His biography includes numerous one man shows as well as a long list of public work. Andreas is known for his colouring skills.

Minus tio designer Jenny Nordberg

Jenny Nordberg

Jenny works exploratory and interdisciplinary to expand the contemporary notion of design. Her work is characterized by cleverly combined brutalism and minimalism and seeks alternatives and counter-strategies to irresponsible mass production. Read more about Jenny at jennynordberg.se.

Our clients

Some of the world’s most influencal brands

From Malmö in southern Sweden we deliver progressively designed furniture to some of the most established and influential brands in the world.

Our clients are prestigious design shops and contract enviroments with a passion for great furniture and responsible manufacturing.

Minus tio

Minus tio - Furniture for public and private spaces

Minus tio got it’s name a winter’s day in 2008. -How cold is it? Ingrid asked Olle as they woke up. The weather is as essential to her as it is to many other swedes. – Minus tio (meaning minus ten in english), Olle replied. – That’s cold. Later that day they started working, and a few months later their first collection was launched under the name minus tio.

For the 2010 spring collection renowned designer Mats Theselius and artist Andreas Roth joined Minus tio with the extraordinary Object storage unit, that has been followed by a number of pieces.