Manufacturing matters!

How, where and by who our furniture is made has always been an important part of Minus tio. In fact, control of the production was one of the reasons that the company was founded in 2008. Nowadays it is more important than ever to make things in a good way, both for the products and for our society as a whole.

Learn more below about the philosophy of our manufacturing.

The traditional knowledge of our craftsmen is unbeatable. We take pride in working with some of Sweden’s most experienced furniture makers, each with expertise about their own material.

Wood cutters ready to be used in Småland, Sweden.

Keeping suppliers close

All our furniture is made in Sweden. By doing so we minimise transportation and maintain hundreds of years of knowledge about how to make furniture.

Chair maker Peter is discussing a joint detail in Tibro, Sweden.
Traditional woodworking

Many parts of our furniture still relies on the professional experience of skilled craftsmen. Like the Esther legs, made in a number of sequences: formatting the wood, tapering, milling the dowel, adding three different radiuses and sanding.
Steel know how

We use recycled steel in several furniture series, such as Ghost, Darling and Lodger. The manufacturing involves both manual labour, requiring skill in hands, as well as highly automised machines.

Ghost series prototype welding and solid steel rod waiting to be bent in Forsheda, Sweden.
Advanced processing

The seat of the Jackie bar stool with back rest is made in a 5-axis CNC milling machine. The organic shape of the seat is milled directly from a 3D digital model, giving freedom in the design and efficient manufacturing.

This is an excellent example of how to employ super modern machines to create furniture that otherwise would be far to expensive to manufacture.

The milling work is done in Vikingstad, Sweden.
Leather saddlery

Leather is an important part of many of our furniture pieces such as the Ghost and Darling series. The manufacturing requires skill, sensitivity and attention to details.

Darling series armrest protections and Ghost series backrests are made in Nissafors, Sweden.


The upholstered parts of the furniture are often the ones in most contact with the user. It’s important that these parts have the functionality, durability and detail finish to meet the high standards of a restaurant, office or hotel.

Upholstery for Darling, Ghost, Lodger, Audrey-series and more is made in Trensum, Sweden. The craftsmen use their skill and experience to produce long lasting pieces for Minus tio.

that is how we do it.