Twenty Four Hours – bold minimalism

Twenty Four Hours

With the clock Twenty Four Hours Mats Theselius and Andreas Roth continue their examination of stripped objects.

Twenty Four Hours is made by the same principles as a clock in a swimming pool or a soccer stadium – it is readable in motion, with a kind of acute perception. Structurally the clock consists of a chassis that holds the parts in place. But instead of making the cover as a box, the sides are removed. This reveals the clock’s stratification in depth: the glass, hands, face and in the back the clockwork and chassis backing. The framework becomes the product itself.

Steel, glass and silkscreen printing are made in Sweden. Hands and clockwork are German.

Design: Mats Theselius, Andreas Roth
Dimensions (mm): Height 250, width 250, depth 55
Material: Steel frame, glass cover
Surface treatment: Powder coated steel
Frame colour: Black (RAL 9005) or silk grey (RAL 7044)
Bespoke: Frame in any RAL colour

Made locally in Sweden with parts from Germany
Recycled steel in frame.
Recirculation of powder in metal surface treatment.
Designed for disassembly to facilitate future recycling of parts.