Minus tio

The company name means “minus ten” in Swedish and comes from a winter day with -10 degrees Celcius when Ingrid and Olle Wingård started the company.

Monocle shooting

Ingrid and Olle assembling furniture.
Shot by Katrin Björk for Monocle Magazine.

Temporärt Gallery 

Exhibition during Stockholm Design week in co-operation with Cristian Lind at Temporärt. Flower installations by Christoffers blommor and photos by Mikael Lundblad.

Swedish Design Moves – Minus tio

Designer portrait of Ingrid and Olle Wingård. Made by Swedish Design Moves for the London Design Fair in 2017.

Royal Academy of Fine Arts

Exhibition of Mats Theselius pieces in 2018. The Object, Lodger, Twenty Four Hours.


The Royal Academy of Fine Arts at Fredsgatan 12 in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Sailor chair

Taking inspiration from the people, the islands and the ocean of the Swedish West Coast.

The Object

Designed by Mats Theselius and Andreas Roth. Five blocks of materials, opening on all four sides, form an object.

Winner of Wallpaper Awards, here in bar styling by Wallpaper.