Show: steel arm chair with leather upholstery


two seat sofa

Lodger sofa with one of its creators Mats Theselius

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At Stockholm Furniture Fair

Photo by Stefan Nilsson @trendstefan on Instagram



Lodger armchair in white with natural leather upholstery

Mats Theselius and Andreas Roth for Minus tio

For the 2015 spring collection minus tio has deepened the work with wood steel and leather. It has resulted in four pieces of furniture and four views on sitting. The collection is premiered on Stockholm Furniture Fair 3-7 of February in A05:14.

Wall clock 24H

with its designer Mats Theselius

Designer Mats Theselius with two of his works

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Mats Theselius designed the wall clock Twenty Four Hours and armchair and sofa Lodger together with Andreas Roth