Object – A Poetry in Steel, Glass, Stone, Wood and Plastic


The Object storage unit originates in an investigation of the combination and separation of various raw materials; a reaction to modern day items where composites and compounds hide the nature of the pure material.

Five separate blocks of brass, corian, glass, oak and Swedish marble are combined into a unit that opens to all four sides. Drawers, doors and transparent display make it possible to store a wide range of items.

Theselius/Roth call the unit A Poetry in Steel, Glass, Stone, Wood and Plastic. Mats Theselius says “Mies talked about poetry in steel, glass and concrete. We have added wood and plastic to make the picture complete.”

Hand made locally in Sweden.

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Design: Mats Theselius, Andreas Roth
Awards: Winner of Wallpaper Design Awards
Dimensions (mm): Height 900, width 1400, depth 1000, weight 250 kg
Material: Marble, brass, Corian, glass, oak

Hand made locally in Sweden.
Designed to last for a very long time.